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Indein Village

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Indein is one of the small villages of Inle Lake located on the western bank of the lake. A Buddha image has enshrined at a whitewashed stupa, which is on the summit of a hill. Indein Village is located in the west of Ywama Village of Inle Lake area, on the western bank of Inle Lake in Myanmar, entered through a narrow, foliage-cloaked winding canal where the jungle grows denser and denser on either side.

KakKu Pagoda
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The Kakku pagodas is a pagoda complex in the hills overlooking the valley South East of Inle Lake. The remote site, only recently opened to visitors, is located in Pa-Oh territory, a people related to the Karen. The stupas are thought to have been built in the 16th century. The legend says that the first pagodas were created by King Alaungsithu, the 12th century King of Bagan. Kakku counts more than 2400 stupas. It is a hidden treasure of Shan State and magnificent collections of Buddha stupas hidden by many years due to uneasy accessible in the deepest Pa-oh territory.

Pindaya cave
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The ancient caves are about one mile southwest of the town, and can be reached by car. Pindaya Township is situated in the Taunggyi District in Shan State in Burma. It is known for its spectacular limestone caves which have become popular tourist destinations in recent years. The southernmost Pindaya cave can be entered and extends for about 490 feet along a well-worn path. It is known for its interior which contains over 8,000 images of Buddha.

Sagar Village
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The Sagar village, once must have been a thriving town of Sawbwa (the heredity prince), is a place of unexplored. All are intact and unspoiled. Reach up the Sagar village which takes a half-day boat ride. There you find blushing faces of Pa-O tribe, welcoming smiles of the villagers amidst the dotting religious buildings (pagodas & monasteries). Witness the two Ms (Maze & Mystery) there and let the solution be found in your own tune when you come in Sagar. The boat journey to Sagar is simply enjoyable for those who love nature with hazy Blue Mountains, dotted floating farms, different kinds of indigenous / migratory birds, and several villages of Inthars, ever happy-&-content people. The impressive ruins of Sagar, welcoming Pa O villagers, and pleasant boat journey will make you a rewarding day excursion away from the tourist crowd, and usual sights of Inle Lake.

Taunggyi Museum
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The Taunggyi Museum or Shan State Museum contains good collection of tribal costumes, weapons and artefacts as well as a collection of antique opium weights and musical instruments (including a snakeskin guitar). Taunggyi is the Havana of Myanmar. It is an ethnographic museum which contains colourful dress of antional groups, their traditional weapons and utilities in addition to the dress of the late Shan Sawbwars (Dukes or Lords). Open from 9:30 to 15:30 except Saturday and Sunday. re advised to check with our tour agency for flight, train, bus and steamer schedule.