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Maha Myat Muni Pagoda

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Bogyoke It is the most revered Buddha image in Mandalay. It is also known as the Maha Myat Muni, or Phaya Gyi. It is the most ancient Buddha image in Myanmar. It was cast in the life-span of Lord Buddha in the seated posture of relaxed deportment, namely Bumi Phasa Mudras, symbolic of His Conquest of Mara. The Mahamuni image is enshrined in a small chamber topped with a seven tiered Pyatthat Burmese style roof.The Mahamuni, which means the Great Image is seated on a very ornate 1.80 meters high pedestal. The image in the Bhumisparsha Mudra posture is 3.80 meters high and weighs about 6½ tons.

Kuthodaw Pagoda
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The Kuthodaw pagoda in Mandalay comprises of a gilded pagoda, hundreds of shrines housing inscribed marble slabs and several pavilions. The pagoda is also called “the world’s largest book”, named after the 729 marble slabs inscribed with Buddhist teachings. The stupa itself, connected to the outside entry by means of a long corridor, is set in the middle of a thirteen acre field of 729 pitaka pagodas or shrines (Dama Cetis). Each shrine contains a marble slab, inscribed on both sides with the Pali script text of a portion the Tipitaka (Pali spelling, or Tripitaka, in Sanskrit), Theravada Buddhism’s sacred texts. Taken together, they contain the entire text of the Tipitaka and thus form “the world’s largest book.” The slabs were carved from white Sagyin Hill marble found just a few miles north of Mandalay.

Shwekyimyint Paya
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The Shwekyimyint Paya is located almost at the center of Mandalay. This imposing structure was built as early as 1st century AD, during the reign of Prince Min Shin Saw of Bagan. The pagoda may appear to be a bit damaged. This is due to the fact that it has not been renovated even once since the time it was built. It has a unique appearance and looks just the way it was when its construction was completed.

Mandalay Hill
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The Mandalay Hill is situated to the north-east corner of the Mandalay Royal Palace. It lies from north to south, its altitude being 236.5m above sea level and its height going up to 167.64m. Every one who arrived in Mandalay, the ancient capital of Myanmar, usually goes to Mandalay Hill, the landmark of Mandalay, which overlooks the city. At the bottom in front of the southwest entrance are the two immense statue of Lions guard the holy hill. The beauty of writing about a place after you’ve been is that looking through your pictures and your notes enables to you relive the aggregate of your experiences one more time.

Mandalay Palace
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The Royal Mandalay Palace is located between 12th street and 26th street, in the heart of Mandalay city. Mandalay Palace was the first palace to be built in Mandalay, by King Mindon when he shifted his capital from Amarapura in 1861, to fulfill an old prophecy. During the time when Buddha was alive while on one of his visits to Myanmar, the Buddha with his disciple Ananda climbed Mandalay Hill and prophesied that a great city would be founded below the hill and also pointed the place of that future city. Other facilities available at the Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel include meeting facilities, a tour desk and luggage storage. An on-site cash machine and a business centre are also available.

Mandalay Cultural Museum
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Karaweik Hall is located in the Kandawgyi Royal Lake. on the KandawgyiKan Pat Road. It is situated in the Kandawgyi Nature Park.Karaweik Hall is a landmark of Yangon. locating in Kandawgyi (Royal) Lake. This modern architecture of a mythical creature Karaweik.has 3 floors and ceremonies are held in it. This whole building was gilded with gold about 20 years ago.Inside Karaweik Hall are reception halls, conference rooms, buffet restaurants and theatres. Visitors can enjoy an extensive buffet, a selection of Chinese, Burmese and Western food while watching a variety of traditional Burmese entertainment.

Zay Cho Market
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Mandalay is full of shopping experience. The new Mandalay Zay Cho is one of the main market places in Mandalay. You can get almost anything from there such as acheik (Mandalay silk longyi), cotton clothing, hto moat (sticky cakes), laphet (pickled tea leaves), kadipar slippers (velvet slippers), silverware, lacquerware, jewellery, gems and so on. You can find anything from Thai silk, Chinese (actually Burmese in origin) jade, Indian spice to Burmese handicraft, arts and jewellery.

Yadanabon Zoological Garden
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Yadanabon Zoological Gardens is a zoo in Mandalay, Myanmar. The zoo has nearly 300 animals, including tigers, leopards and elephants, and plays a major part in the conservation program for the highly threatened Burmese roofed turtle (Batagur trivittata). The city features a small zoo that's located near the base of Mandalay Hill, called the Yadanarbon Zoological Gardens. Although the country's main zoo is located in Yangon, this zoo houses a number of native species and makes a good stop either before or after making the climb up the hill. Phone: +95 1 381748.

U Bein Bridge
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U Bein Bridge is situated in the ancient city of Amarapura, Mandalay Region, which is about 1.2km in length of wooden bridge. It is the longest teak bridge in the world and is about two centuries old. This bridge became to be known as U Bein Bridge after the name of the donor, U Bein who was a clerk to the Mayor of Amarapura. The bridge was built in curve shape in the middle to resist the assault of wind and water. The main teak posts were hammered into lake bed seven feet deep. The other ends of the posts were shaped conically to make sure that rain water fall down easily. The joints were intertwined.